Current Projects

physician networks

Patient-sharing physician networks offer a novel lens through which to study cancer care delivery, and there is growing evidence that patient-sharing physician networks are related to cost of care, care quality, and patient outcomes. Using national Medicare claims data, we create cancer physician networks to study how cancer care is organized. We employ cutting-edge social network methods to characterize cancer care coordination, physician network centrality, and peer influence, and their impacts on patient outcomes.

Adoption of cancer precision medicine

When an effective innovation becomes available, it is important that patients who will benefit from the innovation have access to it as soon as possible. The identification of barriers to access to care is the first step towards improvement. Using local, regional, and national data sources, we aim to identify characteristics of physicians associated with early-, late-, and non-adoption of novel cancer tests and treatments. Physicians are potentially amenable to intervention, and if we can identify the characteristics of the late or non-adopters, we can create tailored opportunities for education and improve care for their patients.